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Families Forward is a new program just for parents who owe child support, offering FREE in-depth training for real jobs. Families Forward can also help you look for a better job. And if you want help managing your child support payments or financial issues, Families Forward is here to help with that too.

Families Forward is taking place in Jackson and Calhoun counties.

Trainings and Credentials

from experts with proven connections to good jobs
In Calhoun County, training is available for these industries:


Length: 79-107 hours

Learn to use heat to melt or fuse pieces of metal and form a permanent bond. Earn GMAW or SMAW certifications.

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Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Length: 181 hours

Learn to install, maintain, and repair manufacturing equipment in a variety of settings.

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In Jackson County, training is available for this industry:

Production Technician

Length: 5 weeks

Learn to set up, test and adjust manufacturing machinery and equipment. Earn an OSHA 10 certificate and get ready to take a nationally recognized certification exam.

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*Eligible participants can attend training in either county

One-on-One Support

so you can focus on success

Support includes:

  • Job search assistance
  • Child Support navigation
  • Career coaching
  • Financial guidance
  • Tranportation and other assistance

Apply Now

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You may be eligible if you:
  • Have a child support order in Jackson or Calhoun County
  • Are not receiving SSI or SSDI disability benefits
  • Are between ages 18 – 64
  • Meet income guidelines
  • Can legally work in the U.S.
  • Meet training guidelines

Questions about eligibility?

Call 517-768-6580 to learn more.

To apply in Calhoun or Jackson County:
  1. Call 517-768-6580 or email
    to learn more.
  2. Attend an orientation.
    Call or email for schedule and location
  3. If you meet the basic eligibility, you will be asked to take additional tests and participate in an interview to learn if you meet the requirements for your chosen job training.
Families forward is part of a study to help improve the lives of parents and children.

Don’t miss out on this time-limited opportunity! Call or email to learn more today.